This made me smile . ‘The Secret Lives of Princesses’ by Rebecca Dautremer. She always paints quirky pictures. Children’s Book Illustrator

American artist Maude White hand cuts amazingly intricate paper artworks!!

Nobody uses libraries? So who are the "nobodies" borrowing millions and millions of books a year? I'm one, are you? #LibrariesWeek

"Libraries change lives for the better." #librariesweek #WorldMentalHealthDay

#librariesweek #LibraryLoveRulesOK - "My life has been punctuated by libraries," read more here:

Today, we are celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering & maths #AdaLovelaceDay

Good Evening. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your Saturday We are looking forward to a peaceful evening reading and chatting Anna Silivonchik Art

Brighten up a dark and cloudy day by visiting Dennis Minchin's solo show at the RBSA Gallery! His show of acrylics and oils opens today


You can read the first chapter of #theapprenticewitch perfect witchy fun in the run up to Halloween!! ✨📚🌳🍄🐇⭐️✨

Just another day in the lanes of Devon! Don't you just love it?
Image by Carol Dennis #lovedevon #omgb

Chicken Pot Pie by Christine McConnell

One for you @Harvey4Jan

My first #inktober 🕸Meet Hetty and sparkles the cat!✨👻🎃 Wow ink is tough! #inktober2017 #kidlit #character #pet #illustration #cat #witch

Filming the 'half boat' Zanado when Leo falls overboard for Howards' Way in the tank in Malta. @HowardsWay1980s

A plastic bottle deposit decree?
Returning ten or fifteen p?
That can't come soon enough for me,
And every creature in the sea.

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