Article in ‘ Best of British ‘ July edition. @klkettle @archivetvmus71 @HowardsForever @HowardsWay1980s @sidmouthherald @CreativeCov

This is one for you ‘Leo’ . Filming Howard’s Way. I had such great times designing this programme for three years both in the studio and on filming locations @HowardsForever @HowardsWay1980s @coachpolly1 @CreativeCov

Photo of the setting up by the production team of a celebration party for years of boat building by the Mermaid Yard . @HowardsWay1980s @HowardsForever @CreativeCov

A small pastel painting. Roll on lovely sunny days. Wonderful smell of bluebells in the wood, can’t wait! @ Blackberry Camp

Latest oil@painting on a@large canvas. Enjoying doing something different. Don’t normally do sheep! oilpaintingartists libra_court

Pastel. Lovely countryside. Exercise in green! #pastel #painting #devonartist

I've said this before, but I'll keep saying it until it's government policy. Reading for pleasure should be at the heart of education. If we want kids to love reading & enjoy all its benefits – we must LET THEM READ THINGS THEY LOVE! #literacy

(Art: Bill Watterson)

Just finished a charcoal and pastel painting. Really enjoying black and white for a change. I have two now for an exhibition coming soon. @sidmouthherald @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @GreatDevonDays @klkettle @HowardsForever #paintings #art #artists

Just finished another one of my “ Crashing Wave” series. It’s an oil and on the easel waiting to dry for a while. #painting #artists @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @sidmouthherald

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