Pastel. Lovely countryside. Exercise in green! #pastel #painting #devonartist

I've said this before, but I'll keep saying it until it's government policy. Reading for pleasure should be at the heart of education. If we want kids to love reading & enjoy all its benefits – we must LET THEM READ THINGS THEY LOVE! #literacy

(Art: Bill Watterson)

My painting in the news! @sidmouthherald @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s @HowardsForever #painting #Art

Just finished a charcoal and pastel painting. Really enjoying black and white for a change. I have two now for an exhibition coming soon. @sidmouthherald @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @GreatDevonDays @klkettle @HowardsForever #paintings #art #artists

Just finished another one of my “ Crashing Wave” series. It’s an oil and on the easel waiting to dry for a while. #painting #artists @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @sidmouthherald

My latest oil painting. Still drying on the easel. @GreatDevonDays @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s @sidmouthherald #painting #artists

My charcoal drawing/ painting about to be framed. Woods around Sidmouth. @VisitDevon @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s #painting #artists

Using old window frames & stained glass artist & jeweller Neile Cooper created tiny retreat in woods for her stained glass artworks.


Are you staying at @TheBelmontBrend or @Victoriabrends? Here's a guide to museums in the area #Sidmouth #VisitDevon

Devon Open Studios. My studio/ gallery is open this Saturday 8th Sept- Friday Sept 14th. 11-4 pm. Do come and visit if you are in Sidmouth. @CreativeCov @sidmouthherald @sidmouthchamber @HowardsWay1980s #paintings #artists

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