I've said this before, but I'll keep saying it until it's government policy. Reading for pleasure should be at the heart of education. If we want kids to love reading & enjoy all its benefits – we must LET THEM READ THINGS THEY LOVE! #literacy

(Art: Bill Watterson)

My painting in the news! @sidmouthherald @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s @HowardsForever #painting #Art

Just finished a charcoal and pastel painting. Really enjoying black and white for a change. I have two now for an exhibition coming soon. @sidmouthherald @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @GreatDevonDays @klkettle @HowardsForever #paintings #art #artists

Just finished another one of my “ Crashing Wave” series. It’s an oil and on the easel waiting to dry for a while. #painting #artists @HowardsWay1980s @CreativeCov @sidmouthherald

My latest oil painting. Still drying on the easel. @GreatDevonDays @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s @sidmouthherald #painting #artists

My charcoal drawing/ painting about to be framed. Woods around Sidmouth. @VisitDevon @CreativeCov @HowardsWay1980s #painting #artists

Using old window frames & stained glass artist & jeweller Neile Cooper created tiny retreat in woods for her stained glass artworks.


This is MY post!!🦉 https://t.co/7AgL1L1Apb

Are you staying at @TheBelmontBrend or @Victoriabrends? Here's a guide to museums in the area https://t.co/1AZUG2twMJ #Sidmouth #VisitDevon

Devon Open Studios. My studio/ gallery is open this Saturday 8th Sept- Friday Sept 14th. 11-4 pm. Do come and visit if you are in Sidmouth. @CreativeCov @sidmouthherald @sidmouthchamber @HowardsWay1980s #paintings #artists

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